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making you strong and resilient.

physically and mentally 

Outdoor Fitness triaining

Outdoor Personal Training, what is it?

Think functional fitness that allowed you to unlock the world around you and let you live unrestricted to whatever adventure is thrown your way! 


You may enter races or have things you want to achieve such as; climbing projects, walking the Coast to Coast, expeditions such as Everest or the Matterhorn, but you need to increase your strength, fitness and overall conditioning. 


For a start, it would be great for you to achieve your goal, challenge, expedition.


But imaging doing it and being fit enough to enjoy every moment and instead of struggling with the physical aspect. 

No more struggling up hills. 

No more lack of strength do complete a climb

No more altitude sickness 

For more info to start your outdoor fitness training, click the link below


About The creator 


Olivia Lee ratcliffe

- MSc strength and conditioning


- BSc sports rehabilitation

- Lvl 2 Olympic Lifting Coach

- ex GB Climber and regional and national champion


- 20+ years climbing experience 

- ultra marathon runner & triathlete

- Head coach for The North Face Manchester Never Stop

- adventurer and comfort zone pusher

- Depression survivor 

Why I created Olivia lee coaching 

I have a love for the outdoors and pushing my body to its limits 

I wanted to help people get fit enough to enjoy outdoor challenges from hiking in the lakes to climbing expeditions and experience nature at its finest.

I believe being outdoor fit gives you unlimited access to the outside world and unlocks your true potential 

I want to help people achieve things off their bucket list that they will remember and cherish forever.

I want to help make the outdoors accessible to everyone