About Latitude Training


  1. 1. The angular distance of a place north or south of the earth's equator, or of the equator of a celestial object, usually expressed in degrees and minutes.

    "at a latitude of 51° N"

  2. scope for freedom of action or thought.
    "resilient people have a considerable latitude in dealing with problems"

Why Latitude Training?

Because latitude is the a measure of vertical direction. With latitude training, you will rise higher, and experience a journey from the bottom upwards, climbing higher and reaching those goals. Metaphorically, a distance towards your goals and a greater version of YOU. 

Latitude also means to have a greater freedom of action and thought.  

Here are Latitude, with the mental resilience programme coming soon, you will become more aware of your mental state, opening up your mind to greater opportunities and thoughts. Helping you achieve a more open mind, which helps with problem solving and getting though everyday struggles and challenges.  

what is Latitude Training?

What is Latitude Training?

I wanted to create something that would help people get physically stronger but also mentality. After suffering from depression for a number of years, and still experiencing bouts now, I wanted to create something what can help people not only get out of depression, but push themselves. Make people realise how resilient they are. What the human body is capable of but also what the mind can achieve. 

Resilience to me is the key to a lot of things. 

To be successful at something, be it business, training and sport, relationships or life, it takes resilience. Coming back from failure, and having the ability to get back up and keep going, every time you get knocked down. 

This also translates to training. Training is tough. Some workouts you enjoy and smash, others feel like a battle every second. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to lift heavier, run further or get more reps in etc. That comes down to resilience. Can you keep going when you hear that voice that tells you to stop?

What Latitude Training Offers 

- Resilience Mentality Programme 

- Online Personal Training 

- Collective Training Programmes

- Resilience Events and Challenges 

- Strong AF Community via FB Groups

- A promise to make you stronger, physically and mentally. 


Our team


Olivia Ratcliffe

MSc Strength and Conditioning

BSc Sports Rehabilitation

20 years of training experience, including 7 years representing Great Britain in Rock Climbing, qualified Olympic Lifting Coach, PT and Sports Rehabilitator. 

Depression survivor 


Comfort zone pusher

Marathon Runner and Triathlete

Creator and Founder of Latitude Training. 

"I truly believe my 3 purposes in life, are to Teach, Empower and Inspire. If I can achieve that, I will die happy. Until then I want to help as many people as possible learn that they are so much stronger than they believe and to harness that belief and resilience and apply it to their training, work and life to create the greatest version of themselves."